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Inspiration for tutorials from non-fiction books

Explore our select collection of books written by visionary thinkers whose unique perspectives reach us through their words. Each of these works contains guidance that we explore more deeply here, inspiring us to explore mind-bending topics.

Aesthetic Theory

In Aesthetic Theory, you'll try to understand the world of art and aesthetics. You'll delve into the philosophy of Theodor W. Adorno and learn that art is more than just pretty pictures - it's a form of resistance to society and its norms. You'll explore the role of art in society and how it makes us think about the world. You learn that true art is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also has a deeper meaning. It is a challenging book that will challenge you to think about the role of art and its importance in today's society.
Autor Theodor W. Adorno

Affiliate Marketing: Launch a Six Figure Business

In "Affiliate Marketing: Launch a Six Figure Business" you'll learn how to build a successful online business. You'll discover how affiliate marketing works and how you can use it to generate passive income. You'll learn how to find a niche, create a website, and generate traffic to sell affiliate products. The book also shows you how to use SEO strategies and social media marketing to promote your business and make six-figure profits. It is a practical guide that will help you become a successful affiliate marketer.
Autor Noah Gray, Michael Fox

Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day

In Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day, you'll learn how to build and manage a successful affiliate program. You'll start with the basics of affiliate marketing and then move on to creating an effective program. You'll learn how to recruit affiliates, motivate them, and maintain your relationship with them. It shows you how to analyze and optimize your campaigns. The book also provides you with practical tips and case studies to give you a better understanding. After reading this book, you will have the skills to run and optimize a successful affiliate program.
Autor Evgenii Prussakov

A History of Food

In "A History of Food" you take a culinary journey through time. You'll discover how our ancestors hunted, gathered, and cooked, and how that has evolved to the present day. You'll learn how agriculture has shaped civilizations and how spices, drinks and recipes have traveled the world. You'll see how eating habits and diets have changed over time and how the Industrial Revolution and globalization have affected our diets. You'll also learn about the importance of food in cultural and religious rituals. It's a comprehensive look at the history of food and its role in human history.
Autor Maguelonne Toussaint-Samat

Anatomy of Movement

"Anatomy of Movement" is a guide for you to better understand the human body and its movements. You will learn about the structures and functions of your body, how muscles, bones, joints and the nervous system work together. There are many detailed drawings to help you visualize the complexity of your body. You'll also gain insight into biomechanics and how movements affect your body. It will help you improve your posture and movement patterns whether you are an athlete, dancer, or just interested in human anatomy.
Autor Blandine Calais-Germain

An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness

In An Unquiet Mind, Kay Redfield Jamison tells her personal story with bipolar disorder. As a renowned psychiatrist living with the illness herself, she gives you a deep insight into the highs and lows of manic and depressive episodes. She describes her struggles with the illness, her attempts to hide it, and her decision to finally open up and seek help. Through her story, you'll learn what it's like to live with such a disorder and the importance of fighting for and understanding mental health.
Autor Kay Redfield Jamison

Applied Imagination

In Applied Imagination, Alex F. Osborn shows you how to use your creative abilities effectively. He explains the concept of "brainstorming" and how it contributes to problem solving. You'll learn how to use your imagination to generate new ideas and find innovative solutions. Osborn emphasizes the importance of teamwork and collaboration to foster creative processes. The book teaches you how to change your thinking habits to realize your full creative potential. It's a practical guide to help you apply your creativity in everyday situations.
Autor Alex F. Osborn

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

In "A Random Walk Down Wall Street," you'll learn that investing in the stock market is often unpredictable. The author, Burton Malkiel, explains that short-term stock price movements are random and cannot be predicted. He advises you to invest in diversified funds instead of speculating and to think long-term. Malkiel shows you how to create a diversified investment strategy based on your age, financial goals and risk tolerance. He warns you about the dangers of market timing and other short-term investment strategies.
Autor Burton G. Malkiel

Ashtanga Yoga: The Practice Manual

In "Ashtanga Yoga: The Practice Manual" you will learn the basics of Ashtanga Yoga, a dynamic form of Hatha Yoga. The book guides you through the primary and secondary series, with detailed instructions and photos for each pose. You'll learn how to synchronize breath and movement to create the flow that makes Ashtanga unique. There are also tips for dealing with common challenges and injuries. In addition, you'll get advice on how to adapt your practice to make it right for your body and needs. It's a practical guide to help you on your yoga journey.
Autor David Swenson

Asset Allocation: Balancing Financial Risk

In "Asset Allocation: Balancing Financial Risk," you'll learn how to allocate your assets across different asset classes to balance financial risk. The author, Roger Gibson, shows you how to optimize your portfolio through diversification while achieving your financial goals. You'll learn how to best combine stocks, bonds, real estate, and cash to minimize your risk and maximize your return. You'll also learn how to analyze market cycles and adjust your investment strategy accordingly. A must if you want to learn how to invest your money effectively and safely.
Autor Roger C. Gibson

A Theory of Justice

In "A Theory of Justice," you note that John Rawls develops a new theory of justice. He proposes that the most just society is the one that creates the freest and most equal conditions for all. You learn about his two principles: the liberty principle, which gives every individual the right to basic freedoms, and the difference principle, which allows inequalities only if they help the least advantaged. Rawls asks you to view these principles through a hypothetical "veil of ignorance" to avoid prejudice. You recognize that Rawls' theory is a radical reinterpretation of social and political thought.
Autor John Rawls

A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia

In A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia, you'll explore complex concepts like rhizome theory, nomadology, and the concept of the "body without organs" with authors Deleuze and Guattari. You explore a radical critique of psychoanalytic theories and capitalist structures. The book is not linear, but consists of multiple "plateaus" that you can read in any order. It challenges you to question traditional ways of thinking and develop new perspectives on identity, power, and resistance. With this book, you will dive deep into poststructuralist philosophy and discover new ways of understanding the world.
Autor Gilles Deleuze, Félix Guattari

Awareness Through Movement: Easy-to-Do Health Exercises to Improve Your Posture, Vision, Imagination, and Personal Awareness

In Awareness Through Movement, Moshe Feldenkrais teaches you how to improve your posture, vision, imagination, and personal awareness. You will learn simple exercises that you can incorporate into your daily life. These exercises will help you move more consciously and reduce pain. You'll also learn how to sharpen your senses and use your imagination to improve your movements. The book shows you how to better understand and use your body to enhance your well-being. It is a practical guide to living a healthier and more conscious life.
Autor Moshe Feldenkrais

Becoming a Supple Leopard

"Becoming a Supple Leopard" is sort of a manual for anyone who wants to keep their body fit and flexible. The author, Kelly Starrett, is a physical therapist and he tells you how to improve your posture, relieve pain and avoid injury. He shows you exercises and techniques that you can use in your everyday life or sports. The book is full of pictures and instructions so you know exactly what to do. In short, it's like a personal trainer in book form.
Autor Dr. Kelly Starrett

Before the Change

In Before the Change, you'll learn all about perimenopause, the phase before menopause. you'll learn how to recognize and manage the physical and emotional changes that come with this phase of life. The author gives you useful tips and advice on healthy eating, physical activity, taking the right supplements, and managing stress. She also shows you how to balance your hormone levels naturally. It is a comprehensive guide that will help you prepare for menopause and make this phase of your life a positive one.
Autor Ann Louise Gittleman

Being and Time

In "Being and Time" you try to understand Martin Heidegger's complex philosophy. He explores the concept of "being" and the way we humans experience it. He argues that our understanding of "being" is shaped by our own existence, which he calls "Dasein." You learn that "Dasein" is always in the world, aware of its finitude, and constantly existing in time. Heidegger emphasizes the importance of "being-to-death" and "being-in-the-world." He challenges you to break away from traditional philosophical approaches and instead strive for an authentic existence.
Autor Martin Heidegger

Bigger Leaner Stronger

In Bigger Leaner Stronger, Michael Matthews shows you how to transform your body through science-based methods. You'll learn how to train properly to build muscle and burn fat without spending hours in the gym. You'll learn which foods and supplements really help and how to make the most of your diet. Matthews dispels fitness myths and gives you detailed instructions on how to create your individual workout and nutrition plan. With this book you will effectively and sustainably achieve your dream body.
Autor Michael Matthews

Biofeedback, Fourth Edition: A Practitioner's Guide

In Biofeedback, Fourth Edition: A Practitioner's Guide, you'll learn all about biofeedback, a technique that helps you better understand and control your body processes. You'll learn how to use sensors and monitors to measure data such as heart rate, muscle tension, and brain waves. This data will help you reduce stress, relieve pain, and improve your overall health. The book also gives you practical tips on using biofeedback in clinical practice and explains how to help patients take control of their own health.
Autor Mark S. Schwartz, Frank Andrasik

Body by Science: A Research Based Program for Strength Training, Body building, and Complete Fitness in 12 Minutes a Week

In Body by Science, you'll learn that you only need 12 minutes a week to get fit. The authors explain how short, intense workouts can be more effective than long workouts. They base this on scientific evidence. You'll learn how to properly stress your body to build muscle and burn fat. You'll also learn about the importance of recovery periods and how to avoid injuries. So it's not how much you work out, but how you work out. With this book you get a guide to an effective and time-saving fitness program.
Autor John Little, Doug McGuff

Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy

In Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy, you'll learn how to strengthen your body with bodyweight-based training. You'll get detailed instructions on over 150 exercises that you can do without equipment. The book also shows you which muscles are involved in each exercise through detailed anatomical drawings. You'll learn how to create a personalized workout program to achieve your goals, whether it's weight loss, muscle definition, or improved athletic performance. It's a comprehensive guide to effective, equipment-free workouts you can do anywhere.
Autor Bret Contreras

Born to Run

In Born to Run you'll discover the hidden world of the Tarahumara Indians in Mexico's Copper Canyons. They are known for their ability to run extreme distances without injury. The author, Christopher McDougall, takes you on his journey to uncover the secret of these super runners. You'll also meet the colorful characters of the ultrarunning community, including the eccentric Caballo Blanco. McDougall shares scientific findings that prove humans were born to run and that modern running shoes can do more harm than good. By the end, you'll be inspired to take off your own running shoes and just start running.
Autor Christopher McDougall

Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing

In Brainfluence, Roger Dooley shows you how to use neuromarketing to persuade and influence consumers. You'll learn 100 different techniques for applying the science of human decision making to increase sales and build customer loyalty. Dooley teaches you how to use emotional and sensory triggers to make products more appealing and how to tell effective stories that engage customers. You'll learn how to design prices to maximize the value of your offering and how to use subtle signals to influence your customers' behavior.
Autor Roger Dooley

Business Environment: Text and Cases

In Business Environment: Text and Cases, you'll learn everything you need to know about the business world. The book explains how businesses function in different environments and how they respond to change. You'll learn how political, economic, social, and technological factors affect business operations. It also gives you insight into various case studies that help you put the theories into practice. You'll learn how to make strategic decisions and how to adapt your business to changing market conditions. In short, this book is your guide to understanding and successfully navigating the complexities of the business environment.
Autor Francis Cherunilam

Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity

In Catching the Big Fish, David Lynch tells you how meditation and creativity are connected. You'll learn how he uses transcendental meditation to dive deep into his consciousness and enhance his creativity. He compares this immersion to catching a big fish from the depths of consciousness. You'll get insights into his creative processes and how he creates his famous works. The book shows you how to unleash your own creativity through meditation and live a more fulfilling life.
Autor David Lynch

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

In "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life" lernst du, wie dein Gehirn funktioniert und wie es dein Leben beeinflusst. Der Autor, Dr. Daniel Amen, zeigt dir, wie du dein Gehirn durch einfache Veränderungen in deinem Lebensstil verbessern kannst. Du lernst, wie du negative Gedankenmuster änderst, Angstzustände und Depressionen reduzierst und deine Konzentration verbesserst. Durch die Anwendung der Tipps und Techniken in diesem Buch, kannst du nicht nur dein Gehirn, sondern auch dein Leben zum Positiven verändern.
Autor Daniel G. Amen

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits

In "Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits" Philip Fisher shows you how to make successful investments. He emphasizes that you should pay attention not only to financial reports, but also to qualitative factors such as management and business strategy. Fisher recommends that you invest in a small number of high-quality companies and hold them for the long term. He introduces you to his "15 points" for evaluating a company. You'll learn how to grow your money with patience and discipline. It's not only about buying stocks, but also about when to sell them.
Autor Philip A. Fisher

Competency-Based Interviews: Master the Tough New Interview Style and Give Them the Answers That Will Win You the Job

In Competency-Based Interviews, you'll learn how to prepare for competency-based interviews. You'll learn how to present your skills and experience to convince employers. The book shows you how to master difficult questions and deliver positive answers that set you apart from other applicants. You'll learn how to identify your skills and strengths and communicate them effectively. You'll also get tips on how to reduce stress and build self-confidence. After reading this book, you will be better prepared for interviews and increase your chances of landing the job you want.
Autor Robin Kessler

Confessions of an Advertising Man

In "Confessions of an Advertising Man," David Ogilvy shares his experiences and wisdom from the advertising industry. you'll learn how he built his own agency, Ogilvy & Mather, and how he conceived some of the most successful advertising campaigns of the 20th century. He'll give you advice on how to attract, retain, and work with clients. You'll also learn how to create effective advertising and what makes a good copywriter. The book gives you a deep insight into the world of advertising and shows you how to succeed in this business.
Autor David Ogilvy

Contagious: How to Build Word of Mouth in the Digital Age

In Contagious: How to Build Word of Mouth in the Digital Age, you'll learn how ideas and products go viral. Author Jonah Berger explains that it's not just luck, but six principles behind it: social currency, triggers, emotion, public visibility, practical benefits, and stories. You'll learn how to use these principles to get the word out about your own ideas and products. Berger also shows that word of mouth is particularly effective not only in person, but also online.
Autor Jonah Berger

Cost-Benefit Analysis: Concepts and Practice

In Cost-Benefit Analysis: Concepts and Practice, you'll learn how to perform cost-benefit analysis. The authors explain how to evaluate decisions based on costs and benefits. They guide you through various methods and techniques to find the best solutions. You'll learn how to quantify and compare costs and benefits to make an informed decision. The book also shows you how to incorporate uncertainty and risk into your analysis. It is a helpful tool for anyone in business, management or politics who needs to make informed decisions.
Autor Anthony E. Boardman